Stylist, Branding Consultant, Speaker

Tiffany Kawena is a stylist and branding consultant from Los Angeles, currently based out of Sydney, Australia.

She has over 8 years of experience in the fashion industry having worked in areas of: styling, product development/design, and marketing/branding. Tiffany got her start in 2008 upon graduating FIDM with an Associate of Arts degree in Visual Communications. She worked under celebrity stylists as an assistant, with the likes of Christina Hendricks, Ian McKellen, Jim Caviezel and more. 

Tiffany went on to gain in-house experience in design, product development and showroom at Thrive LA. She continued to take on work as a freelance stylist during her time at Thrive LA before heading to Fred Segal Couture in 2010. During her time at Fred Segal Couture, she worked as the Director of Social Media & Web, rebranding their on-line media channels. 

Currently, she is fusing two areas of interest - working as a freelance stylist and brand consultant while pursuing her degree in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine (BHSc).

As a speaker, she is passionate about redefining body image and exploring the social and lifestyle factors that influence an individual's holistic well being. Her vision is to share, educate and empower women in areas of health, body image and creating healthy mindsets.